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Julliena Okah

Violinist, Painter, Author, Public speaker


MUFON ( Mutual UFO Network ) 

My lecture 2015 

Public speaker

About MY BOOK.
One Life, Many Worlds :My Journeys Through the Heavens and Hells of Extraterrestrial Worlds

According to a 2009 AOL poll, 90 percent of respondents believe there is definitely (65 percent) or possibly (25 percent) intelligent life elsewhere in the universe.

          One Life, Many Worlds is the extraordinary story of Julliena Okah, a globally recognized solo violinist, also a scholar of German philosophy, who had contact with nonhuman beings during her childhood in Japan, and continued to have visitations from otherworldly beings throughout her life.

          In the book, Ms. Okah recalls her nonhuman reincarnation through contacts with other beings, remembering her existence when she lived on a super-advanced, amazingly beautiful, golden world. This book describes how to exceed the human realm to a better life in higher stage of existence. It is an odyssey motivated by fantastic and unimaginable events that are still affecting her today.

          While this story is one of hope and inspiration, it is also one of rough passage. Fraught with peril, including two suicide attempts and three near-death experiences, all of which she escaped with the help of “external forces”. Ms. Okah gained deeper understandings of human life and the inhabitants in other worlds and how they can help us.

          In this book, she explores the meaning and purpose of life. This is not a self-help book. It is a nonfiction work that asks the reader to welcome Ms. Okah’s phenomenal experiences, as she recalls memories of previous lives lived as well as seeing life before birth, out of body experiences, travels to other worlds, and also her struggles to be accepted by her family and friends since childhood. She adamantly searched for knowledge through her academic studies and also her otherworldly personal experiences. Along with her life-long research and descriptions, she will provide vivid insight into mystifying events.

        It has been said that the facts often distort the truth, and the truth can, at times, be stranger than fiction. Such is her story. This is a truly unique book of her spiritual awakening and the unimaginable paths on which she has been led around the world and beyond. This book including various encounters with UFOs and alien incidents in many countries she lived in. Being an educated and internationally known person, it was difficult to disclose her true story, yet Ms. Okah believes that it is important for the people to realize the worlds outside of earth.

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T​his smaller book, Extraterrestrials, Spiritually-Advanced Beings is an introduction to her book, One Life, Many World, but has a different approach to introduce her story to a larger audience than only the UFO lovers. There has bee​n too many negative alien-encounter stories in the western hemisphere. She needed to tell people that other kinds of beings, high spiritual extraterrestrials exist and they are contacting humans. Exce​eding the human realm and attaining the higher stage of existence became her most important subject since her first alien encounter. This book tells about nonhuman reincarnation and other worlds that exist somewhere in the universe. This is a book of her unimaginable paths on which she has been led around the world and beyond. Her life has been led and ruled by the extraterrestrial beings, even to this day. She wants you to realize the mystery of the universe and seek any way that leads you to the higher stage of your life.

God's Majesty in Color and Word 
is my painting book 
with Bible verses​ 
These are 70 pages handy books with all colored pages.
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My lecture at an  UFO Symposium 2016  

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