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Japanese translation 

Japanese version 
A book of overcoming all kinds of obstacles around the world 

My painting books with Bible verses 

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Cover  God's Majesty 2 Ocean  2023 Sep j

Old Testament Version 

New Testament Version 

Psalm Version 

Published in England 
by Mery Rodwell in 2015 

"Cruise Magazine" Published in Japan

UFO maqgazine_edited.jpg
Book review is this magazine. Published in UK

Book Review 

Bill Chalker in Australia .

He was the first person who started to promote my book,

UFO researcher, Mary Rodwell. 

Julliena Okah's book is a spiritual life journey with a strong UFO/alien touchstone. I was intrigued by her accounts of early childhood alien abduction experiences. I felt it was a rich and rewarding read, even if aspects rattled against my scientific sensibilities. It’s a strange world out there and one needs to keep an open mind. A most fascinating and intriguing story with various turns. Her art, music and dancing are striking.” 

                         —Bill Chalker: Scientist/ Leading UFO researcher, Australia

                            NSW UFO Investigation Center (UFOIC)


 “As principal of Australian Close Encounter Resource Network, I have worked with over 3,000 cases globally. Julliena Okah’s story has some similarity to many contactees, but her unique personal experiences by the aliens and her deep understandings will alter people’s preconceived idea. It is an important book for us.”

                 —Mary Rodwell: Principal of ACERN( Australian Close Encounter   

                     Resource Network) and Co-founder of  FREE

                     ( Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial Encounters)


“One life, Many Worlds” is an aptly titled autobiography by a woman whose talent--as a musician, a painter, and a writer--extend in many directions. Julliena Okah has traveled the globe--not just the physical world but the inner worlds and beyond. She’s a woman with a purpose. This book is full of information that will stimulate thought of spirituality.”

          —Bondo Wyszpolski: Newspaper writer (Los Angeles Register and others)


“Julliena Okak’s book is an awakening book for those on earth who are still in a long sleep to the other reality in other worlds. Her unique experiences, along with her research and descriptions, can endure the logical verification. I believe this is a precious book.”

          —Eisei Komatu: Author, Invitation to the Ascension in Japan 

             Founder of the Gaia Ascension (The Way of the New Birth)

2003 Cruise magazin_edited.jpg

Cruise Magazine in Japan.
I wrote my articles for a year. 

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