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Julliena Okah's fascinating book entitled One Life, Many Worlds. As the subtitle suggests that it is about Julliena's spiritual journeys through the heavens and hells of extraterrestrial worlds.

book2 In her newest book, Julie Okah searches the Bible and finds Gods majesty through Art

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On September 1, 2001, at her home in Nice in southern France, where she resided during summers, Julliena Okah received an unexpected electrical charge that entered her body with a forceful message urging her to paint. Even though she had absolutely no training or interest in painting, she started to paint effortlessly and with enormous speed. This energy persisted and inspired her to produce oil and watercolor paintings, and in just a few months, she had over a hundred paintings. Since then, she has had numerous exhibitions, including five one-woman exhibitions that were written about in the Miami Herald. Her oil and watercolor paintings hang in fine art galleries, museums, private collections, and auctions worldwide.

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