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Jullienna Okah: Author

Julliena Okah's fascinating book entitled One Life, Many Worlds. As the subtitle suggests that it is about Julliena's spiritual journeys through the heavens and hells of extraterrestrial worlds.

book2 In her newest book, Julie Okah searches the Bible and finds Gods majesty through Art

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Profile of Jullienna Okah

Profile of Jullienna Okah

Julliena Okah was born in Japan, studied music in Vienna and art in France, and is recognized as a world-class solo violin virtuoso. She became a headliner with her own unique and exciting solo violin show on major cruise ships for some twenty years. She has performed at famous concert halls

and theaters around the world, even at commercial venues in Las Vegas and on numerous TV shows. Her oil and watercolor paintings hang in art galleries and with private collections worldwide. She is a graduate scholar of German philosophy. She traveled throughout the world and has lived in 14 countries. She studied various Indian creeds while living in India and studied

Christianity in America. She resided in New York City and Nice France for 20 years before moving to Southern California.

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