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Jullienna Okah: Author

Julliena Okah's fascinating book entitled One Life, Many Worlds. As the subtitle suggests that it is about Julliena's spiritual journeys through the heavens and hells of extraterrestrial worlds.

book2 In her newest book, Julie Okah searches the Bible and finds Gods majesty through Art

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Art Exhibition

Art Exhibition
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South France

  • Various Art galleries, 2003 to 2006


  • Five one woman exhibitions in main libraries, cultural centers, city halls, 60 pieces, 2003 to 2005
  • Art Serve Gallery, Juried show, 2004  .
  •  American Express Art Show, 20 pieces, in combination with her musical show, 2004
  • Shacknow Museum, 2004
  • Glass Gallery, one woman show, 110 pieces in combination with her musical show, 2005

Full page of article was written in the Miami Herald News.

  • FIU university art gallery in Florida, 100 pieces, 2005
  • Art festival, Won the first price with the combination of music

Los Angeles               

  • Religious Science Founder’s church, one woman exhibition combination with her musical show, 2006
  • Agape international religious center, 9 pieces, 2007
  • Bridge art gallery, 20 pieces, 2007
  • Ma Griffe Art Gallery, 30 pieces, 2007 
  • William Grant Still Art Center  10 pieces, 2008
  • Las Damas jury show, 2013 


Printed materials


  • As a writer, she wrote ten issues articles with her paintings in Cruise Magazines in Japan, 2002–03.

  • The cover of magazine” Natural Awakening”, 2004

  • Posters






Info for the-metaphysical place


Julliena Okah has been living with so many questions about life because of her extraordinary life and rare paranormal experiences that started since her childhood in Japan after WWII.

She studied German Philosophy in university as her major in Tokyo.  In 1994 she went to India, Nepal and Tibet to study Indian Philosophy and various religions. Since then Buddhism Philosophy got her great attention, and she studied intensively.


In 2001 she made a pilgrimage to Mt. Andes in Peru and got inspired by Philosophy of Christianity unexpectedly. . She has been studying Christianity in America since then.

She experienced another worlds by extraterrestrial beings as well as by her own death  at the age 17.



Education and Training

* Piano and violin since the age of 5
* Bachelor’s degree in literature, Tamagawa University, Tokyo, 4 years
* Studied German philosophy at Waseda University, Tokyo, 2 years
* Tokyo Music Academy, Deijutsu Daigaku, 2 years
* Vienna Music Conservatorium (scholarship recipient), Professor Walter Barylli (former concert master, Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra), 2 years
* Gypsy music, studied by Lakatos Sandor, world renowned gypsy violinist, 1 year.
* Indian philosophy in India for a year and correspondence for 5 years
* Oil and watercolor painting, France.
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